A clever combination for an efficient BWMS

When it comes to choosing a ballast water management system, reliability and efficiency are crucial. From chemical injection to electrolysis, each treatment method has its pros and cons. SKF has combined UV radiation with ultrasound cleaning to create a system that enables constant compliance all around the world. Introducing SKF BlueSonic BWMS.

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UV systems are one of the most effective and environmentally friendly methods of ballast water treatment. They currently account for around 50% of the market. However, over time, biofilm forms on the surface of the UV lamps, requiring regular cleaning to maintain optimal performance. This cleaning relies on chemicals which must be safely stored and processed to avoid environmental pollution.

The SKF BlueSonic BWMS uses ultrasound frequencies to keep the UV lamps and chamber clean. This not only maintains optimal performance, but it also weakens the undesirable organisms in the ballast water. Free from aggressive cleaning chemicals, SKF BlueSonic is an environmentally friendly solution. The system’s reactors are made from a material that is highly resistant against corrosion and cavitation, offering long lifetime and reducing downtime.

One operating mode for global compliance

Unlike many other BWMSs on the market, SKF BlueSonic BWMS complies with both IMO requirements and the stricter USCG regulations as standard. With one single operating mode for all territories, the system is easy to use and compliance risks are minimized.

SKF BlueSonic BWMS

Why SKF BlueSonic BWMS:

  • Fully automatic operation and modular redundancy
  • Highest UV lamp efficiency and lower maintenance thanks to continuous
    ultrasound cleaning
  • Modular design and small footprint for ease of installation
  • Simplified operation thank to one operating mode for IMO and USCG territories
  • Environmentally friendly and free from chemicals and by-products
  • Can be used at flowrates of up to 1,500 cubic metres per hour
  • Suitable for most types of vessel and all water temperatures and salinities
  • Comprehensive support, including design, 3D scanning, crew training
    and class certification

Type approval

SKF BlueSonic BWMS has passed all tests required by both the revised IMO G8 Resolution MEPC.279(70) and the United States Coast Guard.

SKF Marine is in the final application process for IMO and USCG type approval and expects to receive full certification in the coming months.

For more information and a list of specifications, download the SKF BlueSonic BWMS brochure.

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