Type EFZ non-retractable yacht stabilizer

Effortless stabilization, 100% electrically-powered

Our oil-free, 100% electrically powered, fixed-fin stabilizer type EFZ for yachts over 50 meters provides effortless stabilization both at anchor and under way.

  • Single piece, foam-filled fin prevents water ingress
  • Low vibration and minimized noise for a peaceful voyage
  • Compact design allows location flexibility and more space on board
  • Fin area 5 m² to 10 m²
  • Lockable in any position

The 360° rotatable fin offers several unique yachting possibilities, including an automatic walkback function - with no ahead movement of the vessel at zero speed - and automatic heading assist. Fins can be operated separately, with adaptive start-stop operation for single or twin fin mode.

EFZ eStabilizer

Save energy all around
Our latest energy recuperation system minimizes electric power consumption

from the vessel through an internal storage device. The stored energy is
used to operate the fin, minimizing the power consumption from the vessel.
Optionally, it also allows:

  • Feeding of energy into the yacht energy circuit system
  • External energy storage to avoid flickering voltage.

The system also features user-friendly touchscreen controls for easy

The fin stabilizer has a powerful and compact electric actuator and gearbox, with minimal moving parts for reliability and low maintenance. Its smooth torque transmission provides precision fin movement, allowing for increased lift and enhanced roll reduction. An innovative full-service package is available on demand.


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