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Testing the waters

Dive into the first of our ongoing interview series about SKF Marine’s new tank test model for yacht stabilizers.
Our first three questions to the SKF Marine design team were about their new ‘digital yacht’.



Q. What made you come up with a digital yacht?
A. We always wanted an SKF yacht! No, just kidding. We wanted to further and more thoroughly test our products, so the idea of creating a new tank test model came up (the old model was no longer state-of-the-art). As you might know, yacht hulls are being tested to evaluate how they perform under certain conditions. Since we needed a good design, a digital version was the first step for us to get started.

Q. What will you use it for?
A. Actually, the range of the application grew a bit during our discussions. We were discussing how we can show our products, which are underwater and/or deep within the ship, making them hard to show. It is also usually quite difficult to get approval to use pictures of our installed products, due to privacy issues. So, designing a digital yacht that we can use to show our wide product portfolio was a good solution.

Q. How realistic is this model?
A. It is very realistic: you could build a yacht with this model as a blueprint. The hull has been specially designed for accuracy, and we will be further developing this model in future.


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Smooth operator

Retractable type-Z fin stabilizers from SKF will significantly increase stability on board the REV Ocean, a new, record-breaking research vessel, currently under construction in Norway. These components will help prevent equipment from being damaged in transit. Simultaneously, they can facilitate smooth sailing conditions for charterers and researchers, and crew will be able to carry out their work at ease.

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Boat cruising through iceberg filled waters

Staying stable

Maintenance is vital for ship health, making sure that your vessel performs in the most efficient way possible.
A ship could possibly sail for years without its stabilizers being serviced or class approval being affected. However, neglect can prove to be expensive: ignoring stabilizer maintenance until the vessel undergoes an overhaul, or major damage occurs can escalate costs in the long term.
Many operators are adopting a preventative approach to maintenance, scheduling regular servicing to prevent unexpected equipment failures.

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Large sail yacht cruising through clear blue waters

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