Non-retractable fin stabilizer, Type FZ

Natural balance through engineering excellence

The non-retractable SKF Stabilizer Type FZ has a single-piece fin for effortless stabilization at anchor and under way, whatever the size of your ship.

  • Fin area 2.7 to 12.4m²
  • Forged high-strength shaft with precision SKF bearing system
  • Easy operation via user-friendly touch-screen control panels
  • Adaptive start-stop operation in single or twin fin mode
  • Easy-to-integrate mounting tube

The fin stabilizer has a powerful and compact rotary vane actuator, with minimal moving parts for reliability and ultra-low maintenance. Its smooth torque transmission provides precision fin movement over an impressive ± 60° range, giving you increased lift and enhanced roll reduction. Being able to present a smaller fin area will also reduce resistance when under way.

The state-of-the-art graphical user interface (GUI) features interactive displays and dashboards that are highly intuitive and easy to use – even remotely. Operational features include preventative maintenance functionality, data logging, and integrated troubleshooting assistance.

The compact accumulator-supported hydraulic system minimizes the demand for electrical current and silently provides a rapid and dynamic response. It also serves as a hydraulic power source for secondary equipment.

SKF Marine Type FZ stabilizers are compliant with SOLAS and MARPOL 73/78 convention specifications and Vessel General Permit (VGP) 2013 regulations.

Graphical user interface

The SKF rotary vane actuator